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Being a male model is not easy as you think. It takes hard work to be a professional ┬ámale model,as well as long hours, and sometimes, little payoff.That being said, breaking into the modeling industry as a male is a bit easier than it is for women, because male models don’t have to meet the same rigid physical requirements all the time and can work for many years.

If you want to get into male modeling, there is a few tips for you.

  • Learn modeling skills
  • Learn how to get exposure within modeling industry
  • Sign with an agent
  • Start looking for work while staying in top physical and mental shape.

Let our foremost Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong, together with his esteemed team, help you build a strong foundation in your quest of becoming a professional male model.

The collective inspiration behind our classes stems from extensive knowledge and years of experiences from leading male models, booking agents, as well as managers, who are all still actively working in the industry.

You will be trained in every aspect of modeling; from various runway walks and styles, to proper and confident posing skills, including learning industry knowledge and insider tips; which can all lead to you developing into a better, full fledged male model.

Join us now! We will bring you to the right path of modeling industry.

Register as our new member to get special discount! You also able to have a live chat for more information and book courses online now.

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