The Runway Queen Workshop

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QUEEN WORKSHOP are specially designed for women aged 30-50 years old.

You can be your own queen too!

We shape you in two days to become your own queen mastering.

  • Day/ Dinner hair & make up: it’s make you look extraordinary from day to night.
  • Fashion sense: find out your own body proportional and the correct to way to mix and match with your outfit, and also find out what kind of outfit match you well. “ Fashion plays an important role in establishing identity, beliefs and thoughts throughout the world. Fashion also enables people to display personality and personal preference.” Be more fashionable!
  • Walk in heels confidently: Every ladies look better by wearing heels. But how many of you can carry high heels well? No doubt, we will guide you.
  • Post in front of camera: No more camera-shy. Be confident! And show the whole world that you’re not the old you anymore.

Ps : 3 professional styling photo shoot which worth rm1500!!

All the photos attached below are our students. Look at the amazing transformation! Don’t stop yourself to become extraordinary. Join us now and be the next QUEEN!



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