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Runway Productions By CG


After 3 weeks of participating in the reality show, the top 6 finalists of this competition woke up one morning and realized that all of their clothes are gone. They have to cover their body with blanket and bed sheet.


‘ We have to spend one day there in nude, only fruits and sunglasses are provided by them ( the organizer ) to cover our body.’ said one of the finalist, T ( Male, 22yo)



‘This is my first time seeing man naked, not from the internet.” said L (Female, 27)


This is the 8th year of the most sought after modeling reality search happening in Malaysia. The winner of this competition always became famous in the industry, numerous of young aspiring models join this competition every year as a platform for them to enter the industry. The founder Catwalk Guru Malaysia, Benjamin Toong says, ‘Learning to embrace your body, is the first step to an amazing life.’

Censored nude video

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