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Highschool Modeling
//Highschool Modeling

The Runway Highschool Model

No more child but not yet an adult?Confuse no more and make good use of the golden phase of life to shift to a better you.

Just like adult models, teen models can appear in magazines, on TV or in fashion shows to promote clothing lines or brand-name products. Popular myths about models being plucked from obscurity in shopping malls or other public places, but many professional models follow a traditional career trajectory that includes taking modeling classes and signing with a modeling agency. If your teen has indicated interest in a modeling career, classes will help him or her to acquire needed skills.

Teens can benefit from modeling classes by gaining self-esteem and learning tools about presenting themselves in a positive way, paying attention to posture and eye contact. In this course, teens will learn how to audition, participate in fashion shows, prepare for photo shoots, promote their work and groom themselves. We will also connect teens with photographers to build a portfolio or offer advice on how to secure an agent and negotiate contact details.

2 hours per session

6 weeks to complete

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