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Kids Modeling
///Kids Modeling

The Runway Kids Foundation

Allow our foremost Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong and his team of professionals to teach your kid the essential fundamentals, as we introduce them to the world of modeling.

With classes conducted in both English and Mandarin, your kid will not only learn the importance of deportment in terms of having and practising proper body posture, but they will also end up being professionally ready to take on regular fashion show.


Not only catering to budding junior models, this foundation course is also suitable for any  kids learning to achieve an overall sense of self improvement and enhancement, boosting them with an injection of self confidence.

1.5 hours per session

12 weeks to complete

The Runway Superkids

As your kid begins their journey into becoming a future star, let them learn only from Malaysia’s renowned Catwalk Guru Benjamin Toong and his top notch team, as we will strive to groom and guide your kid into an all-rounder superkid.


Your kid will be educated on everything necessary for a career in professional kids modelling, allowing them to be suitable and versatile enough to take on the spotlight regardless of whether it’s on runways or in front of cameras.


Additionally, they will be taught the to be necessary confidence and expressiveness when delivering their thoughts, which will be highly benefical to leave a memorable impression during audition and casting sessions, so that they are ready to be the junior superstar that they can be.

1.5 hours per session

16 weeks to complete

The Runway Drama Kids Star

Let your kid be ready for a journey of self discovery as Malaysia’s renowned Catwalk Guru, plus his team of professionals, introduces them to the mystique and craft of stage drama.


They will be coached on various lessons on how to explore the possibilities of their bodies, and also expand the creativity churned from their minds, as a quest for them to harness their raw and inner feelings for stage projection.


As acting provides a safe outlet for kids to express themselves and channel their emotions, allow them to discover and immerse in the wonders of the performing arts.

1.5 hours per session

5 months to complete


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